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Hi Liferay Savvy visitors I am going to write tutorial about Liferay Technology. The following is the content I proposed to write and please provide feedback and add your ideas through comments. Here, I attempt to teach  Liferay Technology using huge number of Liferay source code examples on various topics. I am concentrating more on development and I will add more topics in future.

Note: this take time to coming out. Please wait and see

Liferay Tutorial

By Meera Prince
Ø  Application servers and Web Servers
Ø  Basics about servlet and servlet containers
Ø  Introduction to portals
Ø  Difference between portals and web applications
Ø  Portlet container and servilet container
Ø  Portlet technology and servlet technology
Ø  Leading portal technologies in market
Ø  Liferay Portal Development &customization introduction.
o   Setup with Tomcat server  
Ø  Liferay Portlet development
o   Create service layer for portlet
o   Introduction about packages and service classes
o   Liferay AUI introduction
o   Liferay AUI tag Library
o   Liferay form with AUI Tags
o   Liferay AUI Tag Library
Ø  Liferay Hook Development
          Introduction to Liferay Hook Plugins
          Liferay Hook Plugin Development with Liferay IDE 
          Liferay Portal Properties Hook Plugin
Ø  Liferay Themes
Ø  Liferay Layout
Ø  Liferay Ext
Ø  Liferay WCM
Ø  Liferay Document and Media
Ø  Liferay Collaboration Tools


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