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Why we need liferay in real web world / What are the main factors to choose liferay

Liferay is a portal technology which provides many features in the web world. Liferay portal developed in java technologies so that its pure java based portals.

Generally in any web application development we need to do many things when we start development from scratch.
Likewise we need to design system architecture, implement technologies, scalability, reliability, extensibility. So we need to take care all the above.

Assume we have some application already developed and if it requires customization and extensibility to add new features then we almost have application in our hand need to add changes for meeting the requirement, same thing liferay have done.

Liferay already developed portal application which covered almost all generalized webapplication needs so that we can use liferay portal to customize or extends the liferay portal according to our requirements.

As a developer we need to take care about reliability, scalability and security related things. In liferay we no need to worry for these as liferay already implemented all these features so that we can think only about our Customer requirements.

As we already know liferay is developed portlet technology which consists of multiple portlets to complete web page

Here portlet is fragment of dynamic content and each portal page have multiple portlets which loads dynamic content in the web browser to show complete web page.

The following are main reason to choose liferay in Real Web world

  • Ready to use Application
  • Easy customization and extending portal.
  • SAAS Based Portal
  • Robust Community
  • Open source CE and Enterprise Edition
  • Already developed Permission System and Security mechanisms
  • Support Multiple Server Environments and Operating Systems
  • Market Place for new portlet applications and Easy deployment
  • Robust Content Management System
  • Technology Flexibility in Development.

Ready to use Application:

Liferay is already developed potal application so we can simply installed and directly we can use it.
It already have more than 80 portlet applications so we can design our dynamic website with help of those portlet application.

Easy customization and extending portal :

Apart from generalized needs liferay also provides robust and easy mechanism to customize and extending portal so that we can full fill our requirement with help of customization or extending.
Liferay offers plugin mechanism so that we can customize or add new features to portal as per our needs. Customization achieved through liferay hook and ext plugins and extending portal achieved with help of plugin portlets.

SAAS Based Portal :

Liferay offers Software As A Service(SAAS) Mechanism so that we can install one portal instance but we can create any number of websites and each website has its own dynamic content and its own functionality. Liferay offers different ways to provide SAAS using Site, Organization and User Groups. Physically it is deployed in one application servers but virtually it seems to like many web applications. Each website has its own access point called domain so that as end user he always feels its individual website.

Robust Community :

Liferay has robus community so that we can get solutions for any challanges.Liferay providing forum discussion, wikis , blogs and documentation so that we can easyly expect solutions from community.There are many people are in the community.If any open source technologies we are going to use first we need to check community actiness. Liferay community is growing now days very rapidly.

Open source CE and Enterprise Edition :

Liferay is an open source technology so that anyone can use and experience the features. There are many people working for liferay community and releasing new version as per the new features they implemented. Liferay also provide Enterprise Edition, if anyone interested then they can purchase license too.

Already developed Permission System and Secuirty mechanisams :

Sometimes we need dynamic applications have different types of roles and permissions. This is one of the typical part in web application development but liferay already developed elegant permission system so that we can easily use it.

It is role based permission system and each user consist one or more roles and each role defied with set of permissions access the application accessibility against the user access.

Liferay also provides robust security mechanism and it also offer integrating with many of authentication implementation like Central Authentication Service(CAS)(Single Sign On And Single Sing Out) ,SAML(Security Assertion Markup Language) Integration and LDAP integration.

Support Multiple Server Environments and Operating Systems :

Liferay portal support multiple portal environments like Tomcat, Jboss, GlashFIsh, Weblogic and Websphear. And it also support any operating system like Windows and almost all Linux Flavours.

Market Place for new portlet applications and Easy deployment :

Liferay offers market place where we can get new portlet applications as for current needs in real web world. Liferay portal provides Admin Control panel where we can download and install new application from smooth user interface. So here any one can deploy portlet application without have development knowledge.

Robust Content Management System :

Liferay offer CMS features so that we can quickly design web content for page and update it. We have many features in CMS like structures and templates, work flow management.

Technolgy Flexibilty in Develoment :

To develop Liferay application, developer can choose any of the Java-J2EE technologies like Struts, Spring, JSF –etc or even we can implement with other technologies like PHP, vaadin, ruby, groovy –etc.

Apart from these liferay have many features. Please follow the liferay documentation so that we can understand more about liferay portal



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