Saturday, July 31, 2021

Liferay Message Bus Implementation

Follow below Article to understand more about Message Bus in Liferay.




Implementation Steps

  • Create Destination Configuration
  • Create Destination
  • Register Destination as OSGi Service
  • Manage the Destination Object
  • Register Listener
  • Send Message to Destination



GitHub Project



Module Implementation


Module demonstrates to create different types of message bus destinations and different ways to register listeners with message bus.

Module have simple UI screens to send messages on Message Bus and view the statistics of each message bus destination.


Software Stack



Liferay Developer Studio-3.9.3-ga4





Ready with Portal Server and Liferay Workspace.

Deploy and Run


Import Liferay Module in your Liferay Workspace. Run build and deploy gradle tasks



Deploy module jar file in your OSGi deployment directory by running gradle deploy task or also copy manually to “osgi\modules” directory






Access Liferay Portal from Browser





Login as Liferay Admin


Create Page in Liferay and Add Widget (LiferayMessageBus) to the page






Access “Send Message” screen.


Send Message with below UI screen. Message will be sent to Message Bus on specified destination.



Once message sent on message bus then listeners will be receiving the messages.

We can see the logs of listeners on console logs which prints the message object. We will implemented listeners based on real time requirements.





Access Destination Statistics UI screen.


Select Destination from dropdown, it will show the statistics of destination.






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