Sunday, July 4, 2021

Install Apache Webserver in Windows


Download Apache for windows

Apache Haus is providing windows version of webserver binaries and its required modules.

Following is Apache Haus website download page and can download apache webserver for windows.

OS: Windows 10

Current installation demonstrated for Windows 10 OS. Download “” from above download page.

Direct Link is below



Once downloaded binary version of Apache web server for windows 10 extract in your local machine. It contains root directory Aapche24.

Copy Apache24 directory to your system C:/ Drive

Start Apache

Open window command prompt locates to Apache24 bin directory and run httpd.exe


Verify installation

Access localhost form the browser and it render “Apache Haus” default webpage and it confirms that you have successfully installed Apache Web server in your local windows machine.




Apache installation is required Visual Studio 2017 (VC15) or Visual Studio 2019 (VS16).

Visual Studio 2019 (VS16) compatible Apache version is “

Visual Studio 2017 (VC15) compatible Apache version is “



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