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Liferay Savvy is a place to get more knowledge about liferay technology. Liferay Savvy was started in September 2012. Savvy is a word which conveys meaning like one who expert in particular area. Liferay Savvy makes the people expert in Liferay Technology.

The main motive of Liferay Savvy is to share knowledge to people. The name Liferay Savvy is just my idea that leads to create a web site and now I am able to share my liferay stuff to liferay lovers. When I started this web site I just have 2 years of experience in liferay. At the beginning of my liferay career, when I search for liferay stuff there is only one web site that is liferay web site and its documentation. Liferay already have lot of documentations and more examples about portal technology. Besides Liferay, Liferay Savvy is also adds some more value added stuff to liferay technology.

The main reason to start this web site is to simplify learning of liferay technologies, as a beginner it is very difficult to understand whole liferay. It is true when I read some experts blogs some time I did not get whole stuff because they have used many technical terms and very high level manner.

We need to make beginners to habituate to liferay terminology gradually so that we can make them to understand some complex stuff .When we start any technology first we need basics and fundamentals. If you good at those, defiantly you can lead and conquer any technology as a expert. I believe this and I want make the people to lead technology world with the help of liferay savvy.

Coming to beginners they can’t understand whole stuff at a time, for that reason I came up with Liferay Savvy and I am trying to make it as simpler as much as possible.

Once people are habituate to liferay then people can understand more complex stuff. This is the main reason I have given example for each post this makes us practical experience with liferay. Of course all we can’t make it live examples even I am trying to give most of the concepts as live examples.

Liferay Savvy is at top to make learning very easy with easy example and easy understating stuff.

I trust that people will like Liferay Savvy Motive and Idea and I believe that people will notice Liferay Savvy Goals.

Liferay Savvy Goals

Easy Learning
Sharing Knowledge
Live Technology Experience
Beginners Knowledge Hub Provider
Creating Experts for Technology World

“World may forget you but it can’t forget your motive and idea.”

Thank you all.
Yours Sincerely


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