Monday, December 17, 2012

Liferay Jersey Restful web services

Liferay Jersey Restful web services

Hi i created Life ray Jersey Restful web services.

The following is the URL you can download Liferay Jersey Plug-in  portlet.

Once you get portlet from above URL
1)      Run service builder by ant build-service this will create meer-person table in database. If not created you can create manually and make sure primary column is auto increment.
2)      Run ant deploy to deploy portlet in your portal.
3)      Add portlet your page which is available in sample category.

The following is Liferay Jersey Portlet

I create table in liferay portal and I create two methods which are
1)      Adperson: This method adds the data in person table.
2)      Get Person:  get the Person by id.

1)    In view.jap you need change URL according to your environment. Means port number and your dev URL.
2)    If you change portlet context then you need to modify request URL in jsp page.
3)      For your liferay created table you need to alter table ad auto increment.

Important Classes and JSP

2)      View.jsp
3)      Web.xml

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