Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Form Validation in Liferay


Perform form validation in liferay development.

Approaches to achieve

Liferay form validation we can do in different approaches.

The following are the ways
  1.  Liferay AUI Validator Tag
  2.  Liferay Form Validator
  3. AUI Form Validator

Liferay Validator Tag:

Liferay have come with AUI validator JSP tag we can use this JSP tag and we can perform the form validations.

The following is complete tutorial about Liferay AUI Validator Tag

Liferay Form Validator:

This is simple AUI java script validator which is written by liferay people to do form validations. This script inherit the base properties from pure AUI form Validator

This java script implemented in liferay-form.js file in lifeay

The following is complete tutorial about Liferay Form Validator

AUI Form Validator

AUI Form Validator is come from AUI library. This is pure AUI form validator.
Liferay Form Validator extends by AUI Form Validator.

The following is tutorial about AUI Form Validator


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