Friday, March 8, 2013

Liferay search container with curd operations.

Liferay search container with curd operations.

I create port let which explained how to use life ray search container to display records as grid.
I added some of records in person tables and I display all records in liferay grid and when click on any row it will navigate to update form, once we finished upadate it will navigate to search container page.
The following the link to get search container portlet.

Steps to run the portlet:
1.      Download portlet
2.      Place the portlt into liferau plugins/portlet directory / if you are use Liferay IDE create liferay project from existing source
3.      Run ant build-service
4.      Run ant deploy
5.      See the sample category and drag and drop the port let
6.      If records available you can see the records otherwise add new person by click on Add new person link.
7.      When you click on liferay grid row you can update the person record.

Screen Shots:

Note: This is done in liferay6.0.6 if you are using liferay 6.1 then create your portlet and manually copy file to your portlet. When you copy portet.xml , liferay-portelt.xm. you should not copy directly because dtd version changed so make sure dtd version should acceding to liferay versions.


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