Monday, February 24, 2020

Access Felix Gogo Shell in Liferay 7.2/DXP Portal Environment

Apache Felix Gogo shell is command line interface (CLI) to interact with Liferay Module Framework or OSGi container.

It will provide set of predefined commands to access bundle or modules information like list bundles installed in OSGi container, Services Registry Information and Dependency Management related details.

We have many ways to access the Apache Felix Gogo shell
  • Command Prompt in Windows
  • Putty Terminal
  • Liferay Blade CLI
  • From Liferay Portal Control Panel

Command Prompt in Windows

Make sure portal server should be started before start using Apache Gogo shell.

Open command prompt in windows and use following telenet command.

telnet localhost 11311

Use simple command lb it will list the bundles installed in the OSGi container.

Gogo shell using 11311 is default port number configured by Liferay Portal and we can change the port number as well.

Use disconnect to end the session.


Should not use shutdown, close, and exit commands in the Gogo shell and it will lead to showdown OSGi framework.

If you see “Telnet is not recognized as an internal or external command” enable Telenet in windows. Follow below link

Putty Terminal

We can also use putty terminal to connect to Gogo shell. If you don’t have putty, download portable putty from following link for windows and extract in local machine.

Click on putty executable and it will launch putty new session window.

Provide following details and open session and it will launch Gogo shell terminal.

Host Name: localhost
Port: 11311
Connection Type: telenet

Use help command to know about available commands.


We can also connect to remote host and need to provide valid remote host name or ip address.

Liferay Blade CLI

If Liferay Blade CLI already install simple use following command.

blade sh <gogo-shell-command>


blade sh lb
blade sh help

If BLADE not installed follow below link.

From Liferay Control Panel

We can use Liferay Portal Control Panel to access Gogo shell. Login as Portal Admin and portal configuration, we can find Gogo shell app

Login As Portal Admin à Control Panel à Configuration à Click on Gogo Shell

Enter valid Gogo shell command as input and click on execute.



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