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Friday, September 8, 2017

Liferay WeDeploy Project

Liferay have introduced one of the project called WeDeploy. WeDeploy provides deployment services. We deploy provides the PASS based cloud platform where we can get different services. Liferay WeDeploy offer services such as data, auth, hosting, email and deploy service.

The following is website to get more information

It is very easy to install services and can use it.

WeDeploy offered services

Data Service:

Data Services provide data storage. It has API to store and manage data.

Auth Service

Auth service is providing authentication services and we can integrate to our application as separate service. It is providing API to integrate with other application. We can manage all users credentials at one place such a way we can get authentication service to any of our application rather implement same service to all applications.

Email Service

Email service is providing email-sending functionality. It is very simple to install and can use in any of our application as service. We have good API to get email services integrate with third party applications.

Deploy Service

Deploy Service is offering different application deployment like Java, NodeJS, Ruby and Liferay.

One of the interesting service is Liferay Service, we can create Liferay DXP service for one-month free trail. Its simple few minutes we can install Liferay DXP and it will be available in the internet.

I have recently created liferay service in few minutes here is UR.

We can map our Custom Domain to reach our Liferay Instance.

Currently WeDeploy is released Beta version. We can only get Liferay DXP as 30 days trail. It is also providing Liferay 7 CE version deployment but it is based on Docker way of deployment. It is more like Enterprise Services and can get more support once we get account from them.



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