Thursday, August 31, 2017

OSGi Bndtools

Bndtools is framework or set of libraries, which make OSGi bundle development very easy. It will automate some of the configurations and bundle dependencies resolution in the development. It will provide set of tasks and configuration, which makes OSGi developers life easy.

BND Tools provides the eclipse plugin so that we can install plugin in eclipse. BND tools also available for different build tools like MAVEN and Gradle.

The following are the main resources we can get more information about BND Tools

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The following are the different environment plugins that will provide Bndtools capabilities in the OSGi bundle development.

BND Plugin for Gradle

BND Plugin for Gradle is plugin, which provide BND capabilities in the Gradle build environment.

BND Plugin for MAVEN

BND Plugin also provides the maven plugin, which we can use in the MAVEN, based OSGi bundle development.


BND also support ANT build environment. However, ANT already older one no longer use in the projects. So do not have much information.

BND Tools plugin for Eclipse IDE

BND capabilities also available in Eclipse IDE. We have BND tools plugin in the eclipse market place or we have plugin package file we can install in Eclipse IDE.

Apache Felix Maven Bundle Plugin

Apache Felix Maven Bundle Plugin is maven supported BND plugin, which will use in Apache Felix OSGi implementation bundle development.

Gradle OSGi Plugin

Gradle OSGi Plugin is Gradle plugin that come with Gradle build tool.

OSGi-Run Plugin

OSGi-Run Plugin is another implementation that available in Gradle. It will create and run the OSGi runtime.



  1. A versatile framework and a set of libraries, offering developers a powerful toolkit for streamlined software development. With its modular approach, Bndtools simplifies the complexity of building and managing Java projects, fostering efficient and organized coding practices.

  2. They work seamlessly with various ones like MAVEN and Gradle. This flexibility makes life easier for developers, offering a versatile solution for different projects. A must-have for anyone navigating the world of build tools

  3. CIPD writing service could benefit from incorporating Bndtools, a framework or set of libraries, to enhance its efficiency and productivity.


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