Saturday, October 29, 2016

Liferay 7 Introduction

Liferay 7 is current version of Liferay brought many features. Liferay 7 we call it as Liferay Digital Experience Platform (L).

We can create and personalise the content and which can experienced in any personal digital devices such as computers, laptops and mobiles.

Liferay 7 platform provide rich interface to publish websites based on our business needs and it can be experienced across all digital devices.

What Liferay 7 Provided.

Rich User Interface
OSGi based Development Platform
Mobile experience

Rich User Interface

Liferay 7 provided rich user interface and it can give more look and feel across all platforms. It integrated with responsive user interface by integrating bootstrap framework.

Its also support SASS based user interface design and it will provide re-usability and inheritance feature while developing user interface. Which make UI development very fast.
Liferay 7 have supported any JavaScript library and its default integrated with jQuery libraries.

It’s also supporting Sigel Page Applications and we can use Angular or React java scrip to develop Liferay applications.

OSGi based Development Platform

Liferay 7 come up with major architectural change that is modularity development with OSGi framework.

OSGi is popular modularity software development framework which provide container that will handle lifecycle of component or module.

We can develop each application as independent component and we can deploy these components into OSGi container so that it will take care of its lifecycle. Development and future upgrade of software task simpler by OSGi.


Liferay 7 support many third party integration so that we can provide entire platform on Liferay 7 and it will connected with different third party software. It allows SOAP and REST way of integration with other software.

 Example of integrations like Single Sign On, OAuth and Directory server integrations. It also provides integration with reporting tools such as Pentaho. 

Liferay 7 can provide integration with E-Commerce platforms like KonaKart and Magento.

Mobile experience

Liferay 7 provide mobile application development by providing Mobile SDK for Android and iOS. It also provided Liferay Screens to support Native Application Development for Android and iOS.



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