Monday, March 2, 2015

Liferay 7 Community Expedition Program

Liferay recently announced Liferay 7 Community Edition Milestone 4(liferay-portal-7.0-ce-m4). Liferay have given this for testing and add some new ideas to Liferay 7. People who are interested can join in the explorer group so that they can share experiences as feedback and they can post some queries in the discussion forums.

The following is download URL for Liferay 7(liferay-portal-7.0-ce-m4)

The following link for Liferay 7 Tomcat Bundle

Join in Liferay 7 Explorer Group please follow the link

Liferay 7 has added many new features so that we can download bundle, we can explore and we can share our experience with Liferay community so that it will help to improve the Liferay 7.

Many of them already joined in the explorer group people who are interested please can participate and share experience. To join as member there some instruction please follows and become member.

Liferay Feature areas are categorized as follows

Web Experience Management

Collaboration & Productivity

Dev Tooling

Frontend Infrastructure

Interested people can join in this program and then can explore in any of above category and they can share experience and feedback

The following is place to share experience and feedback.

Liferay 7 Portal Screen


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