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Liferay 7/DXP Dynamic Data Mapping Custom Field

Liferay 7/DXP have provided very interactive web content creation and it is providing structures and templates to design web content.

Structure will use to defined data structure and template will provide look and feel to defined data structure.

To create structures Liferay internally using Dynamic Data Mapping (DDM) and it will provide nice user interface to create web content structures. It will provide default DDM form fields Text, Checkbox, Radio, TextArea, TextHTML, Number, Boolean, Date and Decimal.

These are very regular fields we can use to defined web content data structures.  Liferay also provided way to create custom DDM fields based on requirement. Creating custom DDM field will help us to complete real work application needs.

Assume we wanted mobile number field and it have certain validations. Liferay already have text field but it may not full fill mobile number input requirements.

DDM Custom filed will address such requirements so that we can create our own brand new DDM custom fields.

Default Liferay provided ddm fields

Implementing custom DDM field is required to override few of AUI modules and implement DDM provided component classes.

We can divide implantation into 3 parts

  1. Existing prtal provided module JavaScript changes
  2. Implementing OSGi component java classes
  3. Implement DDM FTL templates

Existing Portal provided module JavaScript changes

Overriding AUI modules

We need to override following two AUI modules and need to add custom DDM field AUI component.


These modules are available in portal source code of “dynamic-data-mapping-web”.

Add Liferay-JS-Config header in bnd file

To override above modules, OSGi use “Liferay-JS-Config” extender and it will help to load overridden modules at run time. Config.js is place to define overridden AUI modules information.
The following is header in bnd.bnd file in module to use “Liferay-JS-Config” extender.

Liferay-JS-Config: /META-INF/resources/js/config.js

Add Custom Filed Information in “AVAILABLE_FIELDS” List

Its is required to add custom field information in main_overriden.js file


//add field type to this list
iconClass: 'number',
label: 'Mobile Number',
type: 'ddm-mobile-number'

Create AUI Component Plugin

Custom AUI Field component plugin will consist of field attributed and its look and feel editors.
Need to add following component creation code in “custom_fields_override.js”

Example AUI Custom Field Component

//Create custom field component plugin
           var regexString = "/^(\\+\\d{1,3}[- ]?)?\\d{10}$/i"
           var customFieldHTML = '<input class="form-builder-field-node field-input field-input-text form-control"></input>'
           var DDMMobileNumberField = A.Component.create(
                      ATTRS: {
                           customCssClass: {
                                 value: ''
                           fieldWidth: {
                                 value: ''
                           mobileNumberValidationMassage: {
                                 value: 'Please enter valid mobile number'
                           mobileNumberRegex: {
                                 value: regexString
                           dataType: {
                                 value: 'string'
                           fieldNamespace: {
                                 value: 'ddm'

                      EXTENDS: A.FormBuilderTextField,

                      NAME: 'ddm-mobile-number',

                      prototype: {
                           getHTML: function() {
                                 return customFieldHTML;
                           getPropertyModel: function() {
                                 var instance = this;

                                 var model =;

                                 return model.concat(
                                                 attributeName: 'customCssClass',
                                                 editor: new A.TextAreaCellEditor(),
                                                 name: 'Custom CSS Class'
                                                 attributeName: 'mobileNumberValidationMassage',
                                                 editor: new A.TextAreaCellEditor({
                                                      validator: {
                                                            rules: {
                                                                 value: {
                                                                       required: true,
                                                 name: 'Mobile Number Validation Massage'
                                                 attributeName: 'mobileNumberRegex',
                                                 editor: new A.TextCellEditor({
                                                      validator: {
                                                            rules: {
                                                                 value: {
                                                                       required: true,
                                                 name: 'Mobile Number Regex'
                                                 attributeName: 'fieldWidth',
                                                 editor: new A.DropDownCellEditor(
                                                               options : {
                                                               large : 'large',
                                                               medium : 'medium',
                                                               small : 'small'
                                                 name: 'Field Width'

Each field setting attribute required editor to take input from end user, Field Width is using Drop Down cell editor will have few options to select. It will be as follows in the Structure Creation UI.

Implementing required OSGi component java classes

Following are basic OSGi components which required for DDM custom field. We really don’t need to implement everything and we can get original code from portal source and then modify some piece of code.


Need to override getName method and it should return custom field name.




In “getDDMFormFieldsJSONArray” method need to add custom filed attributes.



Add custom field attributes to fieldContext in addStructureProperties method.

Implement required DDM FTL templates

Custom field is required few ftl templates to render fields in the web content.These templates related code in “DDMFormFieldRenderer” component class. default.ftl” is template will render read only view while render in the web content.Custom field template ftl file have all render logic which configured while creating field. 

Field type name defined in “DDMFormFieldType” component should be with ddm-*. Example of filed type name is “ddm-mobile-number”

Template name should be without ddm-, it means template name should be “mobile-number.ftl”.

Example of FTL template name and field type name

Example code of custom field template

<#--Field Settings defined for Mobilde Number field and fetch the values -->
<#assign cssClass = "" />

<#if fieldStructure.fieldWidth??>
     <#if stringUtil.equals(fieldStructure.fieldWidth, "large")>
           <#assign cssClass = "input-large" />
     <#elseif stringUtil.equals(fieldStructure.fieldWidth, "medium")>
           <#assign cssClass = "input-medium" />
     <#elseif stringUtil.equals(fieldStructure.fieldWidth, "small")>
           <#assign cssClass = "input-small" />
<#assign cssClass += " " />
<#assign cssClass += "${fieldStructure.customCssClass}" />
<#assign data = data + {
     "ddmAuthToken": ddmAuthToken

<#--FMobilde Number field with validation -->
     <div class="form-group">
        <@liferay_aui.validator errorMessage="${fieldStructure.mobileNumberValidationMassage}" name="custom">
                function(val, fieldNode, ruleValue) {
                        var regex = new RegExp(${fieldStructure.mobileNumberRegex});
                        return regex.test(val);


Portal Source code references 7.2 GA2

GitHub Source

Gradle Module

 Maven Module



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  22. Field type name defined in “DDMFormFieldType” component should be with ddm-*. Example of filed type name is “ddm-mobile-number”


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